Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No News...Just some thoughts

I'm not really sure why I'm posting but I just felt the need to update our blog. We don't really have any news. In a week or so we will be getting a new number and hopefully it will be smaller than 22. At the start of this month Ethiopia decided to investigate all of the abandoned children cases. So in order to do this they have halted all adoptions in cases where the children had been abandoned. Our orphanage does handle abandoned children cases but most of the children are legally relinquished into the custody of Hannah's Hope. I was telling a parent at school about this situation and he said to me, "Don't give up hope." I thought it was a strange thing to say. Of course a little delay will not cause me to give up hope. I know the ONE who gives me hope. God has already given me a daughter. She is mine and I will continue to have faith until she is home with my boys. Okay, there was my little ramble for the day. I feel better now.

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