Friday, August 21, 2009

Court Date

We have a date with the Ethiopian Government! Oct.12th we have our scheduled court date. This is when we will officially become parents of Baby A. How cool is that!!! When we pass court on that date ( note the positive attitude I have towards the outcome) we will get our travel dates. The end of October or early November is looking like the time frame. We just had our travel conference call with the agency and got a rundown of how things happen when we arrive in country. They gave a lot of information but all I listened for was the part of getting my daughter. This is going to be so exciting for Sarah and I to go together. Our mission trips in the past have been apart from each other but this mission trip is a together deal! Thank you God for a wife of a like mind and heart! Thank you God for a supportive family to surround us! Thank you God for a church that raises us up to reach our full potential for Your glory! Thank you above all for your sacrifice on the cross! Without your death, we could not have life.
Chris Steward

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