Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wait Continues

Today was our second attempt at a court date. The birth mother didn't show up and the case is moved to Nov. 6th. I know that God has great plans for our daughter. This will move our travel time to December if all goes well that court date. I read today about how you should not focus on the event but focus on Jesus. I will stand on this and do my best to follow this advice. Tonight I am frustrated and disappointed. My God is BIG and his plan is BIG. I have trusted Him this far and I will continue to do so. WE ARE COMING BABY GIRL!
Love Dad


  1. I just am really feeling your sadness. Our court date was also moved, originally scheduled for the 10th, and new date is Sunday night...26th(inET). This wait is BY FAR the hardest much grieving of lost time, wanting to be there, ugh... it's just so much. WE are praying for you all as you wait, again.
    mitzi mcbride

  2. You have a beautiful heart! Just hang on to God's plan and you will be alright! HUGS, Theresa