Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home for Christmas!!!!!!

No one even complained about the group picture.

This week has been an amazing week. On Tuesday we were finally able to celebrate passing court. We celebrated by inviting some of our family and friends to a local Ethiopian restaurant. We were so honored and blessed to have this group of people with us. They are some of our dearest friends and have been supportive throughout the entire process.
This is a picture of the kids table. We had 9 altogether. The next time we go we will have 10! The servers at the resturant were so understanding and helpful.
After an amazing evening on Tuesday we got a phone call on Wednesday from Christy our caseworker. Baby A does not have TB and we will be traveling to meet her on December 10. She will be home before Christmas. She is truely a mircle and a gift from our God. I cried on the way to work this morning because I am amazed once again that God knew of her before she was born and He created her for our family.
Here are some interesting facts about Baby A we learned in the latest update:
1. Her birthday is not listed as November 8, 2007 but rather December 8, 2007
2. She weights about 24lbs
3. She is still drinking out of a bottle every 3 hours (I guess we will need bottles).
4. She is saying some words: yes, no, and saying some words for foods.
5. Her personality was described as "Big" and friendly but she will throw a tantrum when she does not get what she wants (this does not sound any different than the kids who already live at my house).

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