Friday, April 2, 2010

Saturday Christian

Saturday Christian

I have been taught about the Last Supper and what it means. Jesus gathered his twelve disciples and revealed to them that He was the Messiah that was foretold by the prophets. He said that all the scriptures were to be fulfilled with Him for the glory of His Father. He gave the first communion in history by breaking the bread and drinking the wine, symbolic of his body and blood that would be shed the next day. He revealed that he knew Judas would betray Him and hand Him over to the Pharisees. He knew that He was to die a painful death on the cross.

I have been taught about Good Friday. I have read, seen movies, and looked at pictures depicting the horrible beating that Jesus took before he hung on the cross. I know that the weight of the cross caused Jesus to stumble and fall on his path to his death. That he received help in getting up the mount to his destination. I have heard the conversation between Jesus and the two thieves being hung with him. I know of the agonizing cry he gave out proclaiming that it is finished. The Bible says he was pierced in the side to see if He in fact was dead. This once again fulfilled scripture from the prophets of old, proving that He is the Messiah. I know that at the 9th hour he gave up his body to death.

I have been taught about Easter Sunday. They went to the grave to mourn and saw the rock covering the entrance had been moved. How they found no signs of Jesus other than His burial clothes laying in the spot His body should have been. I know that He revealed Himself too many people at the time and then ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of His Father. I know that He sent the Holy Spirit down to help us thru our journey in life. I know that one day He will return to judge the living and the dead. I know that one day all knees will bow and proclaim He is the Lord.

That covers Thursday, Friday, and Sunday for Easter week. But what happened on Saturday?

After much prayer and seeking Gods face, I feel He is telling me that I am a Saturday Christian. I accept the Thursday, Friday and Sunday events as fact. I believe that what the Bible says is true about these events. I believe it so much that I have turned my life over to Jesus. I proclaim to those who will listen and those who won’t listen about what God has done in my life. I am not who I should be but I am not what I used to be. I am a new creature in Christ.

When Jesus gave His last breath on the cross, the Bible says he was separated from the Father. To be separated from the Father is to be in Hell. I weep when I see the movie “Passion of the Christ.” I feel ashamed as I see the scars and flesh coming off Jesus body for my sins that I have committed. These are horrible things to have to watch whether you believe them or not. How much more did He suffer in Hell? What type of horror did He battle thru? What type of torment and demons came after Him? His body was destroyed on Earth but his soul was taking a much worse hit on the Saturday after his crucifixion. Do I really want to think about this part of His journey? If I weep at His body dying, what should I do at His soul being ripped apart in Hell for my sake? For my families sake? For my friends sake? For the worlds sake? Was it called Good Friday because Saturday was that much worse for Jesus?

I have come to realize that I have to accept the Saturday as fact. That Jesus not only died on the cross for my sins but that He also went to Hell for me. I need to have no fear of death in my life. Hell has no part of my future. Hell has no part of my family’s future. Hell has no part in my friend’s future. When He rose from the grave, I rose from the grave. When He rose to the Father, I rose to the Father. When He comes again, I will be taken into Heaven with those who have accepted Jesus into there hearts. I will live in eternity with Him because the devil has been defeated and IT IS FINISHED.

This Sunday I will be coming with a fire to Easter service. This Sunday I will be coming to sing songs of joy and praise to my God. This Sunday I will no longer be a Saturday Christian. I will gain a new freedom, I will gain a new boldness, and I will see the hand of God move in my entire household. He will move in my workplace, my community, and in my church. Lives will change around me and I will proclaim the victory. Not for my glory but for the glory of the only true Savior, Jesus Christ.

Chris Steward

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