Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Home Study Interview

Last Thursday we had our final home study visit. Everything went very well and we are now just waiting on one more document before our homestudy will be reviewed. Our social worker told us that it could be up to a month for the review process to be completed. We are praying that the time will be shorter. It's strange to have everything for the homestudy completed and just be waiting. I guess I'm not good at waiting but better when I can do something. I already know that the Lord is using this process to help me learn that I cannot always do something to speed things up. The bible tells us that we must wait on the Lord and his timing. Chris and I both know that we are called to adopt. Now we just have to wait on God's timing and let him change us along the way.
Chris will be leaving for Guatemala on Feb. 20. He will be working on a medical mission trip. Please send up prayers for his safety and that he will be used by God in a mighty way.

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