Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do I have to think of a title?

This morning I've been reading adoption blogs and thinking long and hard about our own adoption. I have stumbled across several new blogs. Some of them are from families waiting just like us and some are from families who have their children home. They all have the same thing in common: Parents who are above all thankful and humbled by the experience. People who understand that it's not about the gift that you are giving a child but about the endless gifts that God gives you through a new son or daughter. The idea that you are being given a miracle. An amazing experience. A person born across the world belongs to you and your family. God thought about your life and knew that you would be just the right parents for this child. To be honest I haven't been praying or reading my bible the way I should or would like to be. However, the great thing about God is that he will touch your heart even in those moments and times when you are at your weakest. The picture above is our orphanage in Ethiopia. Someday our newest family member will spend nights waiting for us in this home. Friday the number eight family on the list received their referral for a child. I am in high hopes that next month our number will be much smaller. Feeling loved despite myself. -Sarah

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  1. I love reading your blog and being uplifted by your spirit and excitement. I thank God you are part of my life.