Sunday, June 14, 2009

God Moves

Today I opened up the newspaper. I know that sounds weird because who does that anymore with the Internet? Anyway on the front page was an article about the University of Louisville opening up an international pediatrician unit. This is a huge answer to prayer for me because I was a little concerned about having to drive with our newly arrived daughter to another city for her checkups upon arrival. He has answered my prayers all through this process and it has been in so many different ways that He has confirmed our mission. We attended a Louisville Bats minor league game on Tuesday and the couple in front of us is also adopting from Ethiopia. I found that I may have a contact about how to cook Ethiopian foods and answers to culture questions I may have. Every small detail God has answered my prayers. We only moved up one spot this month but that is the spot God wants us at for now. God I look forward to your next move. You know our hearts and I trust in your perfect will.

Chris Steward

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