Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Hair

Today our friend Margaret came over and gave us some tips on doing Addis' hair. Though she looks a little upset in the picture, it did come out cute. We also have her first doctor appointment set for January. She has been a doll for us so far. Our 3 year old, Noah, is showing some signs of jealousy, so we are keeping an eye on that. We must make sure to spend separate and together time with all three children. I'm sure there will be some difficult moments ahead but I have faith that all will be well. Looking forward to a great Christmas.


  1. Looks very cute! I didn't realize she had that much hair though!


  2. Love doing some fun hair!!! Hey, with 3 soon to be 4 girls with the same hair- it is great :) Praying for your transitional times.