Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are experiencing some cabin fever but doing very well despite that. This staying at home part is hard to do. Addi is adjusting very well and starting to eat some "normal" foods. She really likes to play with the boys and they still adore her. Noah and Sean always want to know when Addi is going to wake up from her naps. She does get frustrated because she can't communicate what she wants but she is attempting to repeat sounds and words. She wakes up very sad at times and that makes me wonder what she is dreaming or expecting when she wakes up. Her temper tantrums have slowed down though and she still sleeps all night. What a blessing God has given to us!

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  1. The sleep thing has been a life-saver for me as well. Birtukan will sleep 10 hrs at night and take a 2 hr nap each day. She has a major temper...so she needs her sleep to recuperate..haha! Addi is SO cute! And so are your boys. That is great that you are staying in for a while...it will be over soon and you will start to feel more normal. I remember how great it was to finally start getting out. :)