Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Week

I was reading another blog today and found this comment. I couldn't have described my feelings about adopting better than this way. My standard answer to the question "why are you adopting?" is the same as the one given here and I too felt that adoption was something people with better qualifications did but that I wasn't enough to be one of those people.

"Why are you adopting?"
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This is a common question for us. We were told when we first started this process we should be ready with an answer, one that was positive towards our adopted child. My answer is usually, “That’s just what God called us to do.” Seems pretty vague, but it’s true.But how do we know that? Josh and I both clearly felt God’s voice on this. We were recently looking at high school pictures of us, and Josh asked if I ever would have thought back then that we would be adopting our third child from Ethiopia, and I said its more than I could have hoped. I always thought adoption was so special, but I thought it was something other people did, people with more resources, more faith, more…something. This thinking prevents many parents from pursuing adoption, but believe me, if we can do it, so can you!

Now for an update on the adoption. We got the review of our home study back. Most of the changes were minor with just a few wording problems. The biggest annoyance was that we needed to have Ohio and Kentucky child abuse checks. We had one of these checks done for Indiana but because we have been here more than five years they did not think that we would have need one for the other states. They were wrong! Anyway this means that we will be waiting for another week or so for the Kentucky check to come back. Luckily the Ohio one was faxed and came back the same day. Just another lesson in patience.

We have had an exciting week at our house. Some friends of ours from church had their third child this week. While they were in the hospital we kept the other two kids. Brianna is four and Alex is two. So, I was a mother of four children under 6 years old. It wasn't as crazy as it sounds and of course without Chris and Mom watching them during the day we couldn't have done it. Really our children were very well entertained. -Sarah

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  1. Hi Chris and Sarah... how bless I feel to have a niece and nephew like you. so full of love, patience, and compassion. I'm so excited to become an aunt again! love reading your blog!