Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to Guatamala

Hey guys! This is my first post on the site and I'm a little nervous. I just got back from the mission trip in Guatamala. We saw over 1000 patients in four days and had the hand of God over us the entire time. I took a journal and documented each days events, so at our next get together I can share with you. I have included a few pictures from the trip for you to see. The country is beautiful and so are the people. The kids are amazing!! For those waiting for the adoption process to open in Guatamala, the time is well worth it. There is such a need to help these people. They lack a lot of things that we take for granted but I learned so much about love from them. When love is all you have, it tends to grow very strong. I'm now more than ever ready to get my daughter. God has called us to this task and He will see us thru in His perfect time. We are in the review stage now and soon will officialy be on "THE LIST."

Love you all

Chris, Sarah, Sean and Noah Steward

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  1. Hi Sarah

    I got your comment on my blog...
    Start here Then type in: inethiopia and the group will pop up. You will need to be accepted into the group, just like the listserve!
    If you have any questions, let me know.
    I like your blog and your boys are just adorable!